New Loughborough Depot Manager for TruSeal Plastics

We're happy to announce that we've put in place a brand new manager for our Loughborough depot!

We trust he'll do a fantastic job having prooved himself in extremely competant and hard working in his previous roles.


Whats your name and position?

My name is Ross and I'm manager of the Loughborough Depot.

How long have you worked for TruSeal?

I've been working with TruSeal for 3 years.

When did you become depot manager?

About a year ago now.

How did you get the position of depot manager?

Started working over the counter and doing any roles required such Deliveries and stock items. Worked hard, covered shifts when I needed and took every opportunity I could get to prove myself.

Whats it like working for truseal compared to other companies?

I was a chef for 20 years before so it was a big lifestyle change working random shifts with long hours. I basically needed something more stable so I could enjoy time with my girlfriend who's now my wife, Truseal gave me the chance with a job that suited my needs. They're family orientated and got they invest in their staff, they see us as part of the family which you definately feel throughout all the depots. It's not just about making money which makes it more enjoyable on a personal level.

What are the biggest changes you've implemented in your new role?

We've got a lot more stock than we used to under the old management, that was a common problem for our clients so i wanted to fix that as soon as possible. Then its a matter or maintaining that stock and giving good customer server, always going out our way to make sure they don't go without.

What are the most challenging aspects of your role?

We're quite a small depot so it's just me here. So working on your own over the counter is hard work but keeps me focused, there's always something I need to be doing... no slacking for me!

What are the most rewarding aspects of your role?

Finishing orders and knowing the depots running smoothly, and our clients are satisfied. There's always someone else as TruSeal i can call if I have any problems or questions, so it's good to know that although I work alone there's a good support structure to fall back on. And getting to go home at 4.30 everyday is great!

What message you would you like to put out to potential clients?

Just that we've got a lot more stock than we used to, and we go out of our way to get anything you need or want. You can always call and ask, we'll order it in. We also price match as best as we can so long as they've got proof, our prices are hard to beat anyway so I'd be suprised if they could get cheaper elsewhere.

What does the future hold for Langley Mill depot?

More sales, more growth really. Continue to stock the products our clients need and request.

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