Soffit Board

Soffit board is used to cover the exposed overhang of a roof, it can also be ventilated to allow the flow of air into the roof area. Alternatively, over-fascia ventilation can be installed as an aesthetically pleasing option.

Our Soffits provide a clean edge and attractive finish to your roofline with a variety of choice in colour and style. Our range of Soffit products are weather proof, long lasting and streamlined with our fascia boards to ensure your rooflines have a coherent finish. We offer an manufacturer backed extended guarantee when installed by an improved installer.

    Special Notice: We also offer a full take off service.

    Provide use with your architect's drawings and we will estimate your requirements for your fascia, soffit, guttering, windows, doors, roofing and work out exactly what you need which saves you valueable time. 

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