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Russell Skellett Founder

Russ Skellet - TruSeal Founder,  Husband, Father & Dog Lover
Following the recent passing of Russell, we thought it would be nice to have a page where everyone can read and share memories of our Russ. 

He was a cheeky chap, nothing was ever too much trouble for him. He always had a grin on his face and would never leave a phone call un-answered – no matter where he was. He was the heart and soul of every occasion and his presence would project light in any given situation.

His natural entrepreneurial qualities changed 100’s of people’s lives over the years and his legacy will continue to grow in his honour.

Please feel free to browse through the pictures and the memories. If you wish to share any memories of your own, please send us an email so we can publish for you.

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Write your Condolence

In Memory of Russ


  • I first met you in February 2011, after a phone conversation where you had heard from Gary at sentry windows I was “a good rep".

    We met up at Sentry in Eastwood, you invited me into your white Audi Q7 and set off to show me your unit at Loughborough. I experienced the first true white knuckle ride of my life, we talked and you smoked whilst taking phone calls and completing surveys on your steering wheel. You temporarily got lost trying to find the unit and after meeting the team at Loughborough, we set off on another white knuckle ride to Mansfield where you were just opening a new unit next door to screwfix following Spot, Graham and uncle Pete's success in Aladdin’s cave next door to cash and carry windows on the opposite side of the road which was completely bursting at the seams. That's where your plans for me came into play. I was having sleepless nights contemplating the opportunity to join the family business, having been successful during my 2 years working for GAP plastics.

    Finally, I bit the bullet, after being frog marched out of the building at Gap, you picked me up the next day, taking me under your huge wing and we set about seeing customers. We had some great days/nights out and many successful meetings and opportunities were quickly presented. You borrowed a car from Alex at Leivers and Millership - A Mercedes, wonderful machine unlike any other car I had ever driven. You used to pay for my fuel with cash and recommended I take it to my old colleagues at Gap to show it off. I set about repping for the whole group, it was like a blank canvas, I loved it. The only problem was, I had no access to costs and I had a bank of around 10 quotes to do for customers at any time. You couldn't keep up with the quotes and I ended up leaving to work for Hewden plant hire - for 3 days. I realised if I could just ask you to trust me, release costings and allow me to do my own quotes, we could take the industry by storm, and that's what we did. You welcomed me back into the family business with open arms and the rest is history.

    Despite driving like a maniac and choking me to death smoking in your car, you have never had an accident - apart from battleshits! I learnt that this wasn't just luck, you were actually a half decent driver although other road users would definitely disagree.

    Whilst doing some of your deals, which seemed crazy at the time, I had reached a point where I would go along with it, knowing that although you rarely shared the long game intentions with anyone, you knew exactly what you were doing. There was always a method in the madness which almost always paid off. I learned to respect and trust your methods.

    We will all miss you Russ, our rock, our go to, our brother, father, husband, son, uncle, leader and friend. You are one of a kind and I'm confident we will never have the opportunity to meet anyone like you ever again. We are all blessed to have shared this journey with you and now you are ready to move on to the next chapter. Continue fighting and reaching for the stars. Larger than life, you let everyone know you have arrived and make sure they know who you are (do you know who I am? Your most used quote!). This time next year rodders (your second most used quote) .... I believe you made it 😎

    Go and find your Roxy. I expect uncle Pete will be waiting to give you a bollocking, he won't have been expecting you so soon!

    We will never forget you or what you have done for us all, always putting us first regardless of what is at stake. Please try not to worry about those you leave behind, I will be your eyes and ears and do my best to guide, be strong and honour your wishes and legacy. Now it's your time to rest and find peace.

    I've not even began to go into a fraction of how you have influenced so many lives, this short message would be a 1000 page book if I did, but know that you are a true inspiration to every single person you cross paths with and loved by all. Godless, all our love forever x

    I’m pleased I managed to read you this the day before you left us, and also comforted knowing you are no longer in pain. We will all miss you beyond measure, I’m still anticipating seeing your name coming up on my phone to pick up and hear you say “ay up mate, you alright?”.

    You taught us all compassion and core family values. You did so much for your Truseal family as well as your own, from allowing people to stay at yours for as long as they needed whist going through marriage breakdowns to racing back down the M1 when the family dog was attacked. I have so many fond memories that I will never forget. Rest in peace, our brother from another mother X

    A few of my fond memories:

    · Us trying to do the Gangnam style dance - New Year in Top spot Carlton.
    · Boogying in Squares in Nottingham
    · Dancing in my cellar at my house in Bakersfield and setting fireworks off the wrong way round into a snowman.
    · You standing in your pants in our hotel room at the Lowry in Manchester nose to nose with Gaz P when he offered me out for a scrap.
    · Us having various disagreements over the years and falling out, then two minutes later back to being mates again.
    · The random conversations we used to have, gone 3am in the morning while stopping out on business and chatting about nothing.
    · Doing quotes on my tiny laptop, mainly when you won the EWI contracts – whilst you are driving.
    · Drinking pitchers of lager in Riley’s with blue and red aftershock in – courtesy of you.
    · My stag do, where you all dressed up as me and you spiked your hair up – I still think it suited you.
    · Various nights at Cricket, Rugby, Horses, football followed by plenty of drinks and shenanigans after. Evander Holyfield, Blades, Forest, Old Trafford, Southwell etc.
    · Work Christmas doo’s – Your speeches and awards.
    · You buying everyone Jagerbombs whenever we went out.
    · The moment you walked in at our latest spring party after being unable to walk and everyone stood up and cheered for you. You said you weren’t expecting it and were so chuffed.

  • When starting with the company I visited a lot of the depot’s to introduce myself, little did I know that Russ had been talking to a number of the branches to let them know that the Internal Sales Team will be up and running soon, he also mentioned to a number of people, which I might point out I never even met, my name was ‘Gay Dave’ a legacy eh.. 🤣 It has never left me, he even named me ‘gay Dave sales manager’ on his e-mails, so whenever I got one through from him I would see this!

  • Remember when I accepted the job 4 years ago in a meeting with Russ the words you will never see me unless you have done something wrong.

    Fast forward 2 years, beautiful sunny day stood in the doorway to the depot admiring the sun and who pulled in the yard !! Russ in his Range Rover, my world fell out of my ar**, thinking god what have I done. As he walked up to me with a can of coke he said what’s up why do you look worried, I asked why are you here !! He walked passed me and shouted 2 things, I own the company and I need a piss 😂😂. Instant relief. As he walked back passed me he said keep doing what you’re doing. See ya later. ❤️

  • Russ was my brother in law and I'm glad he walked into my sister's life. You truly were an amazing man, Dad and Husband.

    You helped me when I was at my lowest point and told me to always think positive, you put a roof over my family's head, and you were my rock when we lost our mamma.. I miss you soooo much Russ.. party hard up there Russ ???

  • I met Russ after work a couple of times and was convinced he was who I wanted to work for.

    I Packed in my job with GAP and the rest is history. From starting out in Chesterfield he has given me great opportunities in my career with the Tru family. When I had the misfortune to lose my son to pneumonia he was the second person to call me, offered condolences and whatever I needed to get through such a tough time. He was even my bodyguard during Covid days when I had a non-compliant customer!

    I also remember having a meeting with him just after covid and at the end I went to shake his hand and he asked “ can we hug” which I did without a second thought.

    You will surely be missed but I will seek you out when my time comes. Rest in peace now friend .

  • I first met Russ on a lads Christmas day out which became quite the tradition.

    He wasn’t shy on the rounds that’s for sure! Come the end of the night I was short of a few quid for a kebab. Before tucking into the juicy meat feast he ordered, he had no trouble rolling me over 3 shiny pound coins at the counter without me even asking. I’d only just met him.

    After a couple more years of social gatherings and nights out, we ended up talking about work and he gave me an opportunity to build a website and redesign the TruSeal logo. Over time I was integrated more and more into TruSeal and now have a full time position.

    When people say TruSeal is a family run business, it really is. As an outsider introduced by friends of friends, you get vouched for and then given a chance, and then looked after. So many of my other friends have come on board with Tru and given opportunities by Russ, to which we’re all thankful for. I didn’t know Russ as well as others, but what I know of him is that he's down to earth, lived life to the full and is a friendly, generous guy that still loves a bargain saver where he can get one!

    Russ founded a truly unique company that I’m happy to be working for. He will always be remembered.

  • I was praying for you mate every time I was on my knees I asked the lord to let you conquer cancer! Not sure what took you but I did what I could.

    I remember years ago on our way to rugby in your brand new Range Rover you dropped it several times to pass some cars, and 100m after the last take the engine fell out ! It was then I lost faith in high end sports vehicles! I can’t remember if we won or lost the game but that just stayed with me. Considering everything that was going on with you, it was great that you made it to my Dad’s (a fellow rugby man) funeral and I hope to be at yours.

    Hopefully Russ as you had the faith you're up in heaven with your family friends and animals as I hope my Dad is. God bless your soul and your family. From ‘Spud’ Marcus

  • Russ you was a amazing person I will always remember the time you paid the council tax bill with a trolley full of 1p s that took some guts to do you will always be remembered by everyone who has ever met you love to Ali and your beautiful daughter and son xx

  • Russ has been a huge part of my life for the last 12 years. From buying puppies from him, house-sitting, running around after him and everything in-between. I have never met a person as selfless and honest, as funny and cheeky as Russ. He could always make me laugh or frown.

    Russ was so welcoming and never let anyone feel like an outsider. His job, family and his friend's were his life. Even when he was really Ill he was working his hardest even from his sick bed. Russ had a heart of gold, always helping charities and anyone that has hit a rough time. His love for animals always shone out to me. He has been very welcoming to my partner too, giving her a job and endless amounts of support and advice. Giving away some of his secrets of success! I will miss Russ for the rest of my life, he was always there when I needed him. He always answered his phone or called back. Nothing I ever asked of him was too big or difficult.

    I know that he will have gone to find his Roxy. The fight he put up was one in a million and I couldn't be any more proud of him. Rest in peace Russ, and be assured I will look after Alison, William and Skyla for the rest of my life. Love you xxx

  • Firstly Russ I am going to miss you so much, just knowing I won't hear your voice at the other end of the phone when speaking to Kev, it breaks my heart to think I’ll never see you again, you were truly one in a million. You took Kev under your wing all those years ago & from that came such wonderful friendship between you two, you were like brothers & I feel blessed to be part of that friendship.

    To have you by our side as one of our ushers at our wedding was an honour & one of the many wonderful memories we have of times spent with you. You changed so many people's lives & you will always be remembered for your big heart. Keep shining bright Russ xxx

  • How do I start, I've known Russ since I was 12 and now 44. In all those years all I ever had to do was call, and if he could help he would. He was a true gentleman with a heart of gold and I will truly miss him x

  • Thanks Russ for everything you did for me, thanks for my family home x

  • Russ was a lovely man and devoted husband and father, God bless you and rest in peace after much suffering ❤️❤️❤️

  • Unforgettable mate. Second I met you I liked you. Everyone did, because you took time to listen, help, make people laugh. On stag dos, nights out, days out it was a pleasure to have you there. You would help everyone you can including me. Whether it was advice on business, helping someone in need of a break by giving them a job, buying a weeks shopping for a tramp and his dog or even picking me up off the floor, it was all done with no fuss. You were always humble and that was such a lovely quality.

    Thank you for taking the time with me, to help and advise. The world is a worst place without you in it. I truly hope I see you in another life brother

  • What can I say? This is the very moment I'd be saying to 'ask Russ '... But I can't do that now and the realisation hits hard. The realisation that you're no longer there to wind up by bringing you the wrong cutlery for your takeaway, or fall out with you because you tell me I could fall out with anyone after one of my famous Facebook rants about how someone has annoyed me. Something that seems such a big deal at the time, when it's actually not. And you taught me this. You taught me to live everyday to its best. You gave me the life I have today. The job opportunity leading to the new skills and friendships I've built. You believed in me when I didn't have it in me to believe in myself. You pushed me to make something of myself and I really hope I've made you proud. You're the only man that has ever been in my life that I looked up to and felt safe around and respected. To the point I actually saw you as a father figure and honestly, I would have been proud of you were.

    Thank you for being hard on me and for teaching me so much. I have only love and respect for you. We're working hard to raise awareness and funds for Myeloma UK charity as this is what you'd want. I'm going to miss you and your stubborn attitude like mad and I'm glad my last words to you were "I love you". Sleep well mate until I see you again one day.

    Russ - A true gent that loved his family and always put others first before himself!

  • A long, long time ago I remember somebody saying to me that in life if you are lucky then you may meet somebody that is truly inspirational. If you do, try to grab hold of their coat tails and enjoy the inspirational ride!

      Wow, I was one of the lucky ones. My first meeting with Russ was during my days with Kestrel and later, when I was interviewed to join.

      My first meeting -

    Clouds of cigarette smoke, telephone calls none stop – selling plastic with prices picked from somewhere, selling puppies [tried to sell me a king charles cavalier] and mobile phone contracts. Kevin Scott was at his side taking notes, how he kept up I’ve no idea!

      I remember saying to Laurence Hicks at the time this is going to be great fun, what a character. Yes he’s brilliant said Laurence

      My next meeting was an interview -

    I called down to Langley Mill during Saturday Intact training. Russ met me with a cigarette, a tin of coke and a salad bowl! We had a chat about life in general then the pertinent question – “How much can you sell in a year for us” I gave my answer which he doubled. Couple of days later the offer was made and accepted.

      Great times, Great guy, Great memories

      Russ – if you bump into my mum and dad, can you sort them out with ½ pint of bitter and a medium merlot please




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