Marbrex Internal Cladding

The Marbrex range of waterproof panel designs suit a wide range of interior preferences, whether you are a fan of traditional of contemporary style.

Modern, clean, crisp and sleek finishes verses, classic, vintage, even iconic styles of wall decoration are available in the range.Whichever style you select you can be certain that it will transform your room not only visually but also creating a calm retreat in the home.


Take a look at our range stylish panels:

Our panels come in a variety of styles and colours to suit a large variery of design tastes and finishes.

  • Beige Marble

    Beige Marble

  • Incense


  • Moonstone


  • Taupe Dune

    Taupe Dune

  • Travertine Classic

    Travertine Classic

  • White Stone

    White Stone

  • White Dune

    White Dune

  • Ciment Deux

    Ciment Deux

  • Gloss White

    Gloss White

  • Satin White

    Satin White

  • White


  • Florence


  • Carbon


  • Tervertine Mosaic

    Tervertine Mosaic

  • Gray Marble

    Gray Marble

  • Ivory


  • High-Gloss White

    High-Gloss White

  • Alba Grey

    Alba Grey

  • Sandstone


  • White Wood

    White Wood

  • Grey Mosaic

    Grey Mosaic

  • Subway Swatch

    Subway Swatch

  • Romano Beige

    Romano Beige

  • Roma


  • Ciment


  • Inari Grey

    Inari Grey

  • Artisan


  • Moonstone


  • Grey


  • Fire Earth

    Fire Earth


    And here's our panels in action...

    As you can see, our markbek interior wall paneling create brilliant finish a can be used as an essential design feature for any room.

    Alba Grey Marble

    Alba Grey Marble

    Floorence Panels

    Floorence Panels

    Tervertine Mosaic

    Tervertine Mosaic

    Ciment Deux

    Ciment Deux

    Roma Bathroom

    Roma Bathroom

    Grey Mosaic

    Grey Mosaic

    Fire Earth Bathroom

    Fire Earth Bathroom

    Ciment Show Panels

    Ciment Show Panels


    Marbrex Panel Information

    Marbel Panels

    • wall panels - 375mm

      Wall panels - 375mm


    Stone Panels

    • wall panels - 250mm

    • wall panels - 350mm


    Tile Panels

    • Wall Tile - 350mm

    • Wall Tile - 375mm


    Other Wall Panels


    Ceiling Panels

    • 250mm Ceiling Panels




    Trims for 250mm & 375mm boards


    Trims for 350mm & 375mm boards


    Skirtings & Cornice


    Special Notice: We also offer a full take off service.

    Provide use with your architect's drawings and we will estimate your requirements for your fascia, soffit, guttering, windows, doors, roofing and work out exactly what you need which saves you valueable time. 

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